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    12 October 2011

    memories won't fade

    Happy moments last forever. It doesn't fade away. It stays forever in your heart and mind. It's the same happen to me. I really hope all the good memories when I am with my friends stay forever in my heart.

    So, yesterday is one of the day I hope I won't forget. Chud, Robi, Sara, Hazim and I went to KLCC. Well obviously the PMR is over so just thought that we could have fun sekejap. I got to meet my love there! :D We watched movie. I haven't done that in quite some time. It was good when eating popcorn while you enjoying the movie. It totally is a bliss.

    Yes I've got to meet him there. I was so happy cs I couldn't resist that act I miss him so much. I just thought that I needed to see his smile, hear his super-super annoying voice and talk about random things with him. Yesterday was great cs I seldom get to see him and walk with him. Yes, true ! I feel like smiling from the second I woke up this morning.

    I am so happy but mhm I miss him already. We took pictures and I think I am just being me whenever I am with him. Just me. I guess this is what it feels like when you are so inlove with someone ey ? You just be yourself when you're with him and you can have the conversation about random things and you can take silly pictures with him without worrying about your looks ? I guess yea.

    Well I guess imma stop here now ;) Oh btw, I went to sch today and it was sucks. School was boring today but yes ! sch has organised banyak activites starting from tomorrow so hopefully tak boring mcm today.
    Goodnight and tkcare lovelies xoxo

    love, Laila.

    10 October 2011

    it ends today

    PMR is officially over today. Alhamdulillah after about a year struggling finally it ends today. Hopefully the result worth all my time and energy. I have put a lot of effort and Insyaallah, I just leave it all to HIM and believe that everything going to be great at the end of the day.

    love, Laila.

    09 October 2011

    nine ten eleven

    one of these, gonna be mine soon :P

    Assalamualaikum . Hi ! so this is my very first post for October aite ? I've had enough apologise to you guys about the lacking of updates here haha but well sorry again. It's 9/10/11 so I just thought that I had to paste it down on my blog cs the number is rare hehe. Hey do you know what happen on October ? yeah that's correct ! It's my exam week or should i say PMR examination? yeah.

    So Alhamdulillah PMR is soon to be over. Just 2 paper left and tomorrow is ze last day for PMR. I am so happy I could die hahaha no. I have many things to do . Haih should start making a list-to-do-after-PMR lah. in my new diary ! yes I bought a new diary and I love it :') I have many things on my head so should start write it tonight. I am surely do not want to miss a single thing.

    Ahaa before i forget something, last friday is my second months with pakwe. wuhuu hopefully this would last forever. Well eventhough forever does not exist but yeah forever baby :-* Thanks for the 2 months sayang.

    I think I should pen down now cs I have nothing else to write. So to those who sit for PMR let's enjoy our day after PMR !! and to who that are not PMR candidates go fuqin study for your finals :P

    love, Laila