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    17 June 2011

    lifetime hero

    he is the one man that see me crying.
    he is the one man that hugs me when i am terrified.
    he is the one man that kisses me when im going to school.
    he is the one man that taught me what live is about.
    he is the one man that gave me everything i needed.
    he is the one man that always says i am pretty and kurus when i complain i'm fat.
    he is the one man who i cannot live without.
    the one man that knows me more than i know myself.
    the one man that always have my heart.
    the one man that already loved me before i was born.
    the one and only man that gonna be my daddy forever.

    I LOVE YOU AYAH, now always and forever will be.
    you are the greatest ayah ever.

    ♥ layla

    10 June 2011

    Cody Simpson - All Day

    i wont talk much for this post. just wanna post this song. just heard it and it really is awesome. well , i know cody simpson doesnt has hair like justin bieber does but he is way cuter. his voice juga 'belum pecah' haha. btw, i love the chorus part. it has cute meaning.

    you're like my favourite song on the
    radio, radio, radio, radio
    i could listen to you all day

    you're like my music video
    video, vi-vi , video
    i could look at you all day.

    how i wish someone would feel this way towards me. that totally would be cute. haha im away until this sunday so tkcare of yourself my lovesss.
    *me signing off*

    ♥ layla

    09 June 2011


    assalamualaikum :) and hii guys.

    i aint feeling well today. i am having flu, headache and losing voice also. i know you guys wondering why am i still awake ? i just took my medicine and it seems like it takes lil time to affect me. i dont know why suddenly i'd become like this. ah can't figure it out why. it might be bcs of the weather, kott.

    yesterday ( 7 june 11 ) i went to pavilion to shop some stuff. to be exact, to shop my dinner dress for sat event. going to family day at cherating this friday morning. so mesti ade dinner event. so yeah i bought myself a pair of high heels and it's skin colour. aah you dont know how much i love skin colour. it looks natural. next is i bought a white blouse and blue cardigan for kaklong. hopefully she likes it cs it was hard to find those stuff for her. since she is a bit shorter and cuter than me so yeahh.

    i think that is it. just a simple and short post. i really need to sleep now cs i have tuition tomorrow and it is important for me to attend the class since i didnt study for this 2 weeks of holiday. so tkcare and keep reading me. x0

    ♥ layla

    07 June 2011

    garder l'espoir

    assalamualaikum :) how you all been doin ? me as always, been amazing.

    so currently it is 3.45 in the morning on 7 june 2011 and here i am tadaaa~ updating this thing. i couldnt sleep. i am pretty tired today but my eyes and body just dont want to switch off.

    so the last few days i didnt get enought sleep cs i was away to johor. been invited to a wedding. this wasnt just an ordinary wedding event but our closest family were getting married. since along lelaki so we all have to go down to johor sebab adat melayu, majlis at bride's first then baru belah lelaki. i had an amazing experience there bcs i never attend full wedding ceremony and dekat sana we attended 3 majlis which is ijabkabul, malam berinai and majlis bersanding. congrats to along and kak melyn. hope to have a happy life together and shower with HIS blessing, amin.

    oya, i am going out tmrw with ajim, shah and his friend. seems like im just the only girl tmrw since i couldnt find anyone to accompany me. well i mean a girl for sure. i am sooo going to watch movie by any chance, any movie lah. i dont really care as long as i can get into the cinema and eat popcorn and concentrate on that for like 1 to 2 hours. it would make my day if i can go for that tmrw ! then i am going to shop new clothes, new shoes and hopefully i can get a new bag too. sudah lama rasanya tidak shopping. i hope time wouldnt running so fast cs i tell ya, i have a lot of plans. im praying that tmrw going to be a lot better than today, amin.

    well i think i should be sleeping now. it is nearly dawn. tkcare and keep reading me, hihi XD

    ♥ layla

    02 June 2011

    korean's better right ?

    heyyo , selamat malam. it's 2.27 am when i started typing this.

    ya allah, ce cakap siapa tak addicted kalau hero handsome mcm ni ? *faint*

    saya nak berbahasa malam ini. tujuan post ini adalah untuk mecari kerja kerana movie saya tengok tengah buffer so... ohh banyak perkara berlaku lately ni. saya maksudkan perkara happy.

    cuti ni saya habiskan masa dengan tgk korean movies dan padahnya saya dah addicted. dengan kata lain ketagih. mula-mula nak tengok satu episod lepastu satu lagi dan satu lagi. dalam masa kurang satu hari saya dapat habiskan 25 episod. betapa hebatnya.

    dalam laptop juga banyak movie korea. dalam dunia ni kan, rasa-rasa lelaki negara ape paling hot ? ofcourse lah korea atau jepun. tak percaya ? nak bukti ? hmm lelaki korea/jepun muka semua ala-ala sweet. majoriti ada rupa. tinggi pula tak sah kalau tak cecah 6 ft. kira lelaki sana tu perfect. exactly match mcm dalam komik.

    saya suka korean more lah for sure. tapi mat salleh pon saya suke. obviously, conclusion dia saya dah start addicted dkt korean things. lagu banyak dah tahu. movie banyak dah minat. actor/actress banyak dah kenal. rasa diri ini sungguh hebat.

    ok saya cerita dah lebih. ohhhh dan tinggal 105 hari untuk PMR. jeng jeng jeng. bai bai :)

    ♥ layla