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    30 October 2010

    am chilling myself with books

    kau nampak atas tu ? ^.^
    okay straight to the point. i'm going there tomorrow :D after pick up kaklong at her kolej then we're heading there. im soo excited. but hell yeahs have to bring along my books. i gotta study this two days cs isnin i got exam. i'm so gonna study tepi pantai dengan angin sepoi sepoi bahasa pergh . tet byeee .

    ♥ layla

    28 October 2010

    it's exam week !

    hey , i had my first exam paper's today. after all , BM paper 1 and 2 was fine. i've prepared the essay last night. and everything that i've studied , few of them masuk dlm exam ! oyeah tomorrow i'm gonna sit for BI's paper. hope everything going well. these past few days , i rarely online cs i was busy studying and myb im gonna rarely online for three weeks times. hehe depends lah .

    and one more thing , i feel like deactivate my facebook. whattaya say ?

    ♥ layla

    24 October 2010

    be thankful , laila

    today was awesome. planned to study with isya and hbb at PN. robi accompanied me to join them. an hour later, we headed to hbb's place. studied there and alhamdulillah i managed to hafal bit that subject and this subject. so hmm at six something we went to pizza hut ampang point.

    p/s : everything happens for reasons . i'm so thankful for wht i've got in life. but there's still a hope that he will be mine , like forever please? hehe i'm know , i'm so gedikzz.

    ♥ layla


    lotsa people confessed, i mean few of them. confessed that they like me but i just could say we're just friends. im not bragging but thats true.

    anyways , i had school today and it was so-called great hehe. but the most thing that made my day was him. he waved at me . and i was like wth dia wave doh haha. oyeah my cousins were here. they just came nak chitchat.

    p/s : i'm gonna study tomorrow. i seriously not ready for exam. but hmm i just have to get prepare. wish me luck and pray for me *.*

    ♥ layla

    23 October 2010

    love come here

    omcoacch. im fricking hate you ! you are too beautiful that's why i hate you. yes you are beautiful. damnit i'm so inlove. inlove with you. look at your smile make me melt. ciss i hate you yet i adore you more than i hate you.

    btw , today was great. i managed to hafal sejarah chapter 6 and i was so happy cs i make it real. i mean, mann aku tak pernah study dkt sekolah and this week i brought my reference book wherever i go. except when i went to the toilet *.* eh one thing one thing ,

    ♥ layla

    22 October 2010

    hearts is just so soft to be hurt

    note to myself :
    laila , stop this. stop the things that burden you up all this time. he has move on so you have to move on too. eventho i know i'll be so in pain inside but i'm willing to suffer now than knowing that i'm gonna end my life with regrets. I AM STRONG.

    YA ALLAH , please. help me with this. i know that i can't stay strong without you. so please YA ALLAH, please keep me strong and stronger from day to days.

    ♥ layla

    let's go handsomeeee guys

    super junior ♥

    mblaq ♥

    bigbang ♥

    omg guess what ? i've been addicted to this korean band things. they are awesome , cool ,handsome and amazing dancers after all. i would love to meet them in person. they are like my addiction. oyeahhhhh , I ADORE LEE TEUK. frankly speaking he is so sweet :D

    this is all my girls fault. they were talking about these korean things in class. and ofcourse i was curious to know who the hell they were talking about.

    ♥ layla

    20 October 2010

    i miss him. i miss him calling me kasih. he has changed alot. please. i wanted to say hi to him but i'm just afraid. sometimes i feel so effing regrets cs let him go.

    ♥ layla
    HAPPY 20.10.2010 PEOPLE

    may have a blast day today and live your life :D

    ♥ layla

    19 October 2010

    goodnight wish

    so you know , i never forget to wish you goodnight. everytime you said the goodnight word , i said the same things too. I wish you could hear me so you would know that i never missed to wish you goodnight. I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH DUDE.

    oyeah btw , today was awesome. but one thing that made my day unhappy was him. he wasn't talked to me . ish this made me so freaking geram tau dok.

    ♥ layla

    17 October 2010

    just the way you are

    When I see your face
    There's not a thing that I would change
    Cause you're amazing
    Just the way you are
    And when you smile,
    The whole world stops and stares for awhile
    Cause girl you're amazing
    Just the way you are

    wish someone would sing that song for me. pleaseeeeeee? play along with guitar. that will be sweeter :D

    ♥ layla

    forgive me , ya allah

    ya allah , i found this dkt my facebook homepage. and i was like ya allah , seriously i'm one of the muslimah yg dress up that way.i was thinking about buying and being a jubah collecter. i told umie that i wanna buy jubah. and umie said insyaallah cs got no money for the time being.

    you girls should read this. this is a must read article for every muslimah.

    Improper dress for women and intermingling between sexes

    ♥ layla

    like the other days

    I miss you since i open my eyes from sleep. I miss you when I look at others couple. I miss you when you post your status about anything. sometimes I feel like you wrote that status for me. you wanna say hi to me but you are afraid so that you just wrote your status so thought that i'm gonna read it and smile.

    ♥ layla

    16 October 2010

    how I wish for this to happen

    I wish I have someone who can hug me when I cry.
    I wish I have someone who could share any stories about anything.
    I wish I have someone who can listen to all my babble.
    I wish I have someone who will treat me even I called him at midnight, tho.
    I wish that someone can accept me for who I am.
    what i wear , how i look or how bad my anything .
    it doesn't matter to him.
    how I wish I can have someone like that.

    *i miss you so much today :(

    ♥ layla

    15 October 2010

    and you should sing this song for me :)

    That should be me holding your hand
    That should be me making you laugh
    That should be me this is so sad
    That should be me, That should be me
    That should be me feeling your kiss
    That should be me buying you gifts
    This is so wrong
    I can't go on
    'Till you believe
    But that should be me
    That should be me

    ♥ layla

    13 October 2010

    sorry for disturbing, gad

    gah gah forget to tell ya something. i sent him something. told him tht i miss him and wish he doin fine . ohyeah surprisingly no doubt to click send just now. hehe peace. hope that he read it.

    gad , they are the sweetest couple over all. adore *sparkle eyes

    ♥ layla

    enough sleep, please

    today was fine after all. nothing much happend but yeah i got to meet my friends. awh lepas dah rindu hehe. but hmm my freak man tak dtg. i was like lah tak dtg ke ? *muke monyok

    i slept in class today. i was effing sleepy today cs last night i slept at 3 something. so i might be have to sleep now. night night ♥ ohyeah i'm wishing that if i wake up tmrw tht my eyelash would be like her ^.^ prettay doh.

    ♥ layla

    study mode is ON

    to be honest , i hate school day now. i don't know why. maybe because of the students and the other students make me feel this way. just because. and i'm gonna taking my final exam in less from 2 weeks. but obviously i'm not studying at all.

    hope that i'm doing fine on my exam day and pray for me. gonna study tonight. insyaallah ;)

    ♥ layla

    12 October 2010

    To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.

    that is what i wish for :')

    ♥ layla
    what is wrong with me ? stop thinking about him you damnit ! =.=

    if a guy really loves you, he will first listen to what you have to say and not simply believed such stories from others.

    ♥ layla

    11 October 2010

    Ineed and Iwant

    i'm so in love with

    ♥ layla


    heyy, i think ..
    my mom knew about my blog. she reads every entries that i've posted , i guess . i dont care , i dont scared. i just want her to know my feeling. her daughter's feeling . evntho we didn't talk about this but i bet she knew this.

    i'm all alone. no, i mean ergh idk how to explain this. hmm i hope that he's doing fine. i mean yellow ? i still can't get rid him out of my head. this is soo stupid. ok look , i'm a teenage girl. the feeling to have a boyfriend mesti ade. includes me. i want to have a boyfriend.

    sangat sangat but i dowant anyone else i just want yellow.

    ohyeah still remember , umie was joking and she said biar umie pergi pinang je si dia tu. and i was like laughed out loud. i miss those sweet moments. i pray everyday tht you still love me.

    * how was my ten ten ten day ?
    it was freaking tiring and bored a bit. nothing special happen. BTW selamat pengantin baru angkawasan handsome. i was screamed like crazy time watched him dkt tv :)

    ♥ layla

    10 October 2010


    *i hope i can give ppl a cheerful smile again , not a fake one

    it's officially 10 october 10. what a pretty number. siang nanti got an event to attend, a wed ceremony. i'm just wishing that something good will happen today. or myb someone can get me a boyfriend with full package ke ? wah berangan sungguh. hehe

    YA ALLAH , give me strength to get through this hard times. help me with this stupid teenage things. and thnks for giving me lotsa ppl who love me , understand me and always be by myside when i need 'em. thnks for the happiness and the greatness tht you've given. THANKS ALLAH :)

    thanks for the great life ya allah. eh eh, teringat baby pea punye birthday , 09 sep 09.

    ♥ layla

    08 October 2010

    waste moneyh

    i'm feeling just fine today and in a week, i mean this week i've wasted my money on food. just food. ergh -_-

    i want this ^.^

    oyeah i know right. hmm might be gain lotsa weight. i need to exersice. yeah chaiyok laila. i ate icecream , coke , junkfood and tah pape types of food. and now ....

    i'm craving for mcd , please someone :(

    ♥ layla

    help me with always be by my side

    heyy :)

    i aint feeling good today. idk why. bcs of him ? nahh ignore it you stupid -.- sometimes i feel like giving up but at other times feeling like sgt bersungguh sungguh nak win his heart back.

    he's a sweet talker. i wish he were mine. so when people ask , did he ever be yours ? AND with proudly i will say yes. it would be sweet. but unfortunately we ended this before we could start things :(

    i cried this bad , seriously i didn't do things and termenung je. i was like at somewhere i didnt know where. and aftah 3 weeks mcm tu i got an imigination. ergh it wasn't easy to move on yeah kawan. please understand me :)

    so you guys can help me with promise a single thing , will always be there for me and in my hard times :)

    ♥ layla

    06 October 2010


    hey :D
    I and fatheen did captured some pictrues just now. eh eh act it wasn't some its a lot :D

    and these are the pictures. hehe these wasnt on the dark tapi we closed the flash sbb nanti reflect dkt mirror. ehee ade few photos yang got love mark doh. cantik :D

    ♥ layla

    05 October 2010

    place where i can shout my feeling

    eh don't get me wrong.

    act , i am blogging bcs this is the only place where I can express my feeling . not for publisity evntho got a few people read my blog.

    statement : i only follow just a few people and i dont comment on people entries. opps haha

    ♥ layla

    i'm listening to my heart

    I miss you way to much dude. you were always in my mind and its still the same at this moment. I wish I could fix all things I did wrong. this is hurt me inside. FYI I am a stalker. I stalk you everyday , everytime .

    ♥ layla

    04 October 2010

    my cute 'lil' kakak

    i just love being around with my kak fan. she is so sweet and unpredictable (Y) spend last weekend with her. love her cute voice and you know what it's noisy when she screams. I LOVE HER ! and hell yeahs we gonna meet up tmrw at my place and my girls going to be here too.

    ♥ layla

    do I look like I'm a beautiful blogger ?

    hey :)
    awh i got an award from wawa wiwi. she asked me to take this award. here we go !

    awh this is freaking awesome. my first award ever.

    1. thnks the person who gave you the award and link of the person.
    check haha :)

    2. spread the award to 15 blogger who you like and you think their blogs are aweosme.
    all of you !

    3. tell 7 things about yourself
    - i'm laila.
    -anoyyed people very well
    -blurr at times
    -minah kepoh
    -love yellow stuff ♥

    ♥ layla


    i love tweeting.
    i'm tweeting cs no one in my family got twitter. so its lot easier to write whtever i want to :)

    ♥ layla