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    30 November 2010

    I AM FAT hihi

    its been awhile since my last updated. its like 7 days ago. my holiday going fine so far. i got nothing better to do than watching tv , eat junk foods , sleep and ohhhh i might gaining few kgs :( one day i sleep all day long and another day i stay up all night. its just great to do what i wanna do.

    tomorrow is the day. im going to sch to check my result and pick up my slip. im anxious to know my result. hope the result is good to be proud of hihi. anddddd yeah ofcourse i miss my girls and my friends. hope to meet them tomorrow.

    p/s : well its been 4 days im off my phone. act its not saya saja je off kan tapi malas nak charge hehe. andd thnks to those yg keep coming. rasa mcm poyo pulak ade org baca blog saya en. hehe byeee.

    ♥ layla

    23 November 2010

    nadi arena malaysia :P

    walaupun cuti , banyak masa aku dihabiskan dengan menjerit-jerit depan tv tgk astro arena. daripada online sbb aku dah bosan. serious kdg kdg rasa mcm nak delete semua sosial networking yang aku ado. hihi yelah poyo en determine nak straight A's PMR nanti. oh yee , bulan 12 dah start tuition. kthxbai.

    ♥ layla

    22 November 2010

    handsome guy with nine roses on valentines

    *old picture. skrg dia lagi handsome hihi

    kk , dato' lee chong wei lost to lin dan. I watched the game with helmi. it was hmm unpredictable kot. I hoped that LCW can win against lin dan and bring the sixth gold medal tapi hampeh. it was frustating and pathetic weh. sakit hati. but but why does my heart like falling for lin dan instead of i'm supposed to falling for LCW? gad lin dan is so handsome. and time dia shirtless pergh pergh muahahaha. dah dah night sweetdreams.

    dan kalau nak jauh cinta lagi kan baca ni. kau akn rasa nak jadi girlfriend dia.

    ♥ layla

    21 November 2010

    day two

    kenapa makin gemuk ? sbb byk mkn

    had an awesome evening with family. we went to jj wangsamaju. bought kaklong's stuff and umie bought me a black dress. we talked , laughed and get annoyed by each other but we just couldn't deny that we love each other actually. i couldn't ask for more. thanks allah for a super great family i have.

    p/s : going to pahang tomorrow, kaklong has to go back to college. gonna miss fighting with her muahaha. sec, i absolutely going to start work out this monday. i'm getting fatter and my stomach looks like shrek's. trust me you donwan to see hoho.

    ♥ layla

    20 November 2010

    just like her

    i said that i wanna look awesome and gorgeous aite ? but in a simple way. not to much lah. hihi gedik kan. kthxbai

    ♥ layla

    i wanna look awesome and gorgeous

    since the holiday started , i wasted my time with online. not most of my time but yeah when i get bored i'll check my FB , twitter , blog and some other website. well I don't really chat with people , I just online and check on people's tumblr. practically I do have a tumblr acc but i don't know how to use it. it's complicated like really can get me headache hihi. i would love to have my own tumblr i mean can someone teach me how to use tumblr ? pleaseee :|

    and about the inspiration post. i like the way they mix and match from the simplest thing then turn into a gorgeous outfit. its just so awesome. can you imagine ? barang murah dan mix and match dgn some other things then jadi super gorgeous ? eh im not saying that brg yang dorg pakai murah or wtv kay. and cause of their superb awesome outfit aku dah tersuke dan terselalu buka lookbook. sangat gorgeous dan awesome kay dorg dress up. benci. i wanna look awesome and gorgeous liddat.

    p/s : apesal banyak sangat words awesome and gorgeous ? btw umie yang awesome lagi gorgeous , so sorry about at dinner time. takde niat to did that. love you ♥

    ♥ layla

    19 November 2010


    i just finished exploring yuna's tumblr and its super cool. she has talent on singing and she has become an idol to all muslim women i guess. she inspires many young women out there includes me. i love love love the way she puts on her hijabs. she got styles. right beside her is hana tajima. ehh tell me who don't know hana tajima woi ? she's the designer of maysaa collection if i'm not mistaken and and pergi search tutorial on how to wears hijab dkt youtube mesti ade muke dia. she inspires me to look different in wearing hijabs but hells yeah i'm too shy to wear hijabs dengan cara itu hihi.

    ♥ layla

    18 November 2010

    day one

    what does it feels to have someone cares about you ? i mean specifically to have a boyfriend? muahaha . i dont know what it feels to have someone cares about you altho i started to have bf when i was in std 5. cs its been two years since the last time i had a boyfriend. see see umie tak percaya gua tarak bf. hihi stop talking about this.kay , i don't want to have a boyfriend.

    friends, i'm in hell of boredom. idk what to write about or what to do. demit if can eat , i should've did that since i woke up but i dowann to gain weight. so i just stay here and talking nonsense kay ? and and and i'll most probably update the blog two or three times a day cs ya know , i dont have any better things to do. so catch ya later.

    ♥ layla

    hello holiday

    today was just fine. and hmm i didn't go to shadzfiq's. i slept at that time instead of going there. well, i didn't do alot of things today. i just eat and sleep. I probably gain weight , geez . then I guess i have to work out this holidays ? screw up. oyeah almost forget, i've a lotsa plans for this holiday. eh c'mon tell me siapa yang takde plans for their holiday ?

    i think i gonna post about things i planned for this holidays. if only ! if only i have time or rasa nak tulis, kay ? i really gotta get going. i'm on the phone with zaty.

    ♥ layla

    17 November 2010


    salam aidiladha to all. may have a blast and mkn byk byk yek !

    im gonna take a nap before going to shadzfiq's . i ate not that much but its enough. babai.

    ♥ layla

    I'm gonna miss 2010 sch session

    im feeling so upset . its bcs zaty is moving out for somewhere at sungai buloh and my holiday is just started. i'm so not like the holiday. i never do . ceh ceh hihi. cs when the holidayy starts i'll feel wanna have fun 24/7 pdhl i've got not money and when its time to go to sch back i can say tht i am the laziest student kot. soo yeah im gonna stop babbling here and lets the pictures tells.

    act there's alot more pictures. its like hundred or myb thousands of pictures muahaha. yeah we are camwhore. we had so much awesome moments today. or its just me? idk. ya ALLAH, im so gonna miss my friends , evn its like a month and a half tho but still i cant meet them in that period. too much memories lahh. isk isk.

    p/s : believe me , im soo going fat this holidays doh ! ish. dislike this. andd not to forget , lepas ni sekolah aku kene bangun pagi , tak blh tidur lambat and aku dah jadi calon PMR , percaya tak ? wuaaaaa

    ♥ layla

    15 November 2010

    school awesome

    today was superb awesome at sch. myb its bcs amad was there helping us at spbt room or is it bcs other reasons ? haha idk. hmm gtg im going to zaty's new house. gonna sleep over there. chow

    ♥ layla


    ahh i'm so sleepy but i don't want to sleep. i'm working for my art project. i'm feeling tired like seriously i do. you know, i've to submit the project by tomorrow so i'm gonna sacrificed myself to not to sleep. cs if i dont im gonna be so dead. yeah i know seni isnt the important subject tapi aku tknk lah ade ape ape jadi en dkt the other subject , nanti nmpk cacat.

    trust me if you look at my hands now , you will be like euww kotor gile. bhaha dah bercampur kot colour and everything. btw , i need yellow colour. i didn't colour few of the logo yet cause of i can't find yellow. moreover , like 40% of 'em is in yellow colour. demit you yellow.

    and the other reason why i dont(couldn't) sleep is i'm thinking abt something. its him. i kept asking myself , should i text him should i should i. mcm naik gilee dah. at one time i felt like i should've text him long time ago but sometimes its vice versa. bodoh nye aku. dah kthxbai

    ♥ layla

    14 November 2010


    semalam , aku pergi pavilion and it was lastminute-planned by helmi. he insist to go to pavilion then i told him that i dont have enough money. soo he said hes gonna support me on everything. i met hazim and ze geng there. it was fun yesterday. we walked and kept walking like you know orang yang takde arah tuju. when we felt penat we stopped and we continue walked again. we went to pavilion then headed to sungai wang and they wanted to go to times square. i felt like my foot was burning and my back was in pain. not to forget , kak fan was there with her friend.

    i dont really have mood to write or anything for now. these past 2 days i felt so idk-how-to-explain-my-feeling. it wasn't good feeling but more to uneasy feels. so , i still haven't take my dinner and and still havent finish my art project. umie, yaya and helmi wasnt at home right now. they went to midvalley or somewhere i dont know or evn care. so later y'guys.

    ♥ layla

    13 November 2010

    lose weight ? haha

    i had a tiring yet an awesome day

    we did a heavy work today. we help cg at spbt room. lifted and gave textbooks. its dem tiring and saya rasa kalau saya tolong cg buat kerja mengangkat mcm ni like everyday i believe that im so gonna lose weight hehe . anyways, we did captured some photos. dont really have mood to write. nanite.

    p/s : im going somewhere tmrw. wheter its pavi nor klcc. will see.

    ♥ layla

    12 November 2010

    kasih ? sayang ?

    he called me kasih. i think that is enough to tell you the whole story. i just finish chat with him.

    ♥ layla

    11 November 2010

    kau rindu cousins tak ? aku rindu

    things happen for some acceptable reason , right ? i seriously love my life. i can say that my live is just going perfect so far. soo hmm exam is just OVER. hehe but hells yeah its like i am now officially a PMR candidates. i have to study from now on. i want to make my parents proud.

    suddenly i feel like i want to meet ma cousins . i miss 'em so much. sooooo here comes the pictures hehe. remembered last weekend i told ya that i went back to ma hometown ? we went to lumut.

    i miss all ma family. im sooo sad that this upcoming raya haji we couldn't go back to perak. myb nenek and atok gonna come here and we going to celebrate raya haji at somewhere . still dont know where to go yet but the parents will think about it.

    p/s : all out of sudden , i feel like dont want to finish sch for this year. dengan tiba tiba semua benda jadi senang dan mudah dan membahagiakan kau , pernah rasa tak ? aku benci perasaan mcm ni. sumpah.

    ♥ layla

    10 November 2010

    crazy me

    you drive me crazy. i just hate what you did to me yet i'm still waiting for you to come back. what am I suppose to do ? lemme know.

    ♥ layla

    like the usual day

    it's currently 1.20 am and here i am, still online. i couldnt sleep evn im so sleepy tho. act i got thing to do before i go to sleep but i just lazy to get my butt up lah. okay hmm today was just fine. i mean like the usual day of mine. oyeah history paper was quiet okay but some of the questions is so dem confusing and same goes to kh paper. so i guess, i really need to offline now cs i got more important thing to do. prepare for art paper tmrw. just wish i could do better.

    p/s : ohh and yeah i already got result for two subjects. but i think i'll just keep the results private. till then. chow. nanite.

    ♥ layla

    09 November 2010

    I gain 1 friend in friendlist :P

    yeah , i got my friend back. my guy bestfriend.

    ♥ layla

    07 November 2010

    keep me or throw me away

    i just wanna be free. free from this feeling. from this heart-broken-feeling. it hurts me. i mean not physically but mentally. my goal for now is got good results. i wanna be in top10. i seriously mean this one. and of course no boyfriend for the time being. just me and my books and my family and my friends. get that ? just let me go, broken heart. i wanna have new chapters in life. i'm so thankful to known you once. like you said : past is past, let me go and i'm gonna let you go .

    p/s : i've remove the chatbox. just formspring .

    ♥ layla

    keep me safe

    i'm in pain. i had stomachache since evening and this is really make me study less. i went home from kampung around 4 something then i slept till 7. i didn't read books too much at kampung. i just read geo then i throw the book after 15 min. the book makes me boring. yesterday we went to lumut. my family and cousins i mean. we had so much fun. hmm i already miss them way too much especially bobot. haha i mean FC . fareez comel. alololo he called himself with that name. FC i miss your scream baby.

    ♥ layla

    05 November 2010

    after two months

    woke up late today although act we are going back to hometown . finaly , i'm here at perak. such a great feeling to get back here to meet cousins and all of them after two months. insyaallah , after maghrib maksu family is coming. as usual , i brought geo , sc , sej and kh books along since i have to sit for exam this monday. gotta get going now. it's alreay maghrib and i've to take shower and pray. see ya.

    ♥ layla

    the awesome rainbows

    rainbow ? just two words. extremely gorgeous. rainbow is just like our life. we live with it and try to make things happier. just like me. i'm trying so hard to make things better. day by day i tried. sometimes it goes bad and at the other time its just goes perfect. i'm just believe this . when the rain falls, do believe that rainbow would appear after the rains stopped. its just perfect to describe our life. my life. bad things happened then when it all settle , the happiness would come. keep this in mind. allah never help people who not helping themself.

    p/s : my zodiac sign says, the reasons why i'm single cs i'm too afraid to open my heart for somebody else. i kept thinking about the same guy although there's so many waiting for me. is this true?
    *merepek much ?

    ♥ layla

    04 November 2010

    goodnight wish sometimes can be good. would love to have someone wish me goodnight , told me to dream about him , tell me he loves me and gimme the xoxo thingy.

    haha , i'm dreaming at late night. im so gotta get to sleep. night.

    ♥ layla

    no goodbye

    hope you gonna be just fine there. you are leaving tomorrow. you off for two or three months something. act , i don't even know with whom you're going there and what for but i'm just gonna pray for you. may you have a safe journey and take good care of yourself.

    p/s : wish i could hear his voice before he's leaving tmrw saying see ya later but hells no , thts not gonna happen. heh , ive been missing him. i'm just realize that i haven't update about him like forever aite? haha

    ♥ layla

    01 November 2010

    short vacation

    the lobby

    hey , as you guys know that last saturday i went to cherating for a holiday and went home yesterday. the holiday was fine and the place was awesome. we picked kaklong up and headed to impiana, cherating . i had a back pain and its suck. oyeah i didnt swim there just accompany my adik. i brought my books along to the pool but dem i couldn't read anything cs there were so noisy. hmm and i didn't got a chance to walk at the beach. act i could go but heh nvm . got other time. so hope to see you soon impiana. i hope to hear the sounds of ombak. it was really a peacefull feeling wehh.

    p/s : umie called impiana as our favourite place. eleh umie padahal its yours.

    ♥ layla