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    26 March 2011

    aku kedekut ? manada !

    assalamualaikum semua !
    ha today was another amazing day with ma friend. specificly with ma boys and robi. after tuition went to pavilion to just walk around and window shopping. had lotsa fun with robi, ajim , ijat , arip , amad , syai, mizi and few more friends. they were hilarious, trust me you gonna need more oxygen while with them cs they wouldnt stop making you laugh. sangat awesome dpt geng mcm ni. k so today duit juga kehabisan kerana murah hati mcm " ehh takpe " *keluar duit dari purse* ajim cakap aku ni mcm pemurah gile.

    k so here the main entry nye hehe. hmm just realized that act i aint that materialistic after all. seriously , i didnt think that way anymore. cs everytime got things that related to money i am the first one yg mcm k nah this money. idk how to explain this but act saya rasa saya ni pemurah. teramat ! bukan nak bangga tapi baru sedar selama ni saya selalu mcm tu.

    yeah eventho selama ni i always say i wanna have/marrry a wealthy bf/ husband tapi baru sedar saya tak pernah hambek sesen pon duit lelaki lelaki yang pernah jadi bf saya. baru sedar. and i am that type of person yang cepat rasa simpati towards people. sensitive and cepat rasa kesian. kalau pasal duit mmg namapk saya ni kedekut but act i aint. bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri tapi baru sedar. haa here is just a short entry. wanna hunt food in da fridge cs im hungry. oh terlupa, tadi saya dinner dkt luar dgn ijat and arip dan kawan dorg. don't worry , i wasnt alone there. helmi teman :P k soo night sweethearts !

    ♥ layla

    24 March 2011


    Hii assalamualaikum.
    I felt so happy today. Me and ma classmates went to DBKL. Its for our history's folio. Went to search some information bout DBKL. Although i dont feel well but saya gagahkan jua diri utk melangkah. Like people says nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih. I didnt go to sch but meet them at 2 something dkt tmpt tgu bas.

    Then after our chief has done collected all the papers and what not. We discuss and dia kata sapa nak balik ikut dia and sapa nak jalan jalan dipersilakan. So me decided to follow the boys. Went to sogo to hunt food and lepak. Such a good day after all evn i dont feel well. Hmm kk just wanna inform abit bout my day.

    Ohh hmm pakwe got 5a 2b 1c and 1d. He said he wants to repeat this d paper. He asked me to pray for him. Ohh we texted lastnight but it seems like still negative for our relationship. Dia mcm hiding something from me. ah nvm sooner or later we wil through this hard time. Insyaallah. K so gotta go now. Tkcare lovelies !
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    19 March 2011

    angin sepoi sepoi

    hiiii :) i am currently at the impiana, cherating. remember the post that umie classified impiana as our favourite place ? yeah there.

    me and mah family arrived here at 5 pm then me and siblings went to the beach. but we were not mandi cs laut bergelora and ombak besar. so we were just sitting and enjoy angin yang sepoi sepoi bahasa. its been a long time since the last time i went to pantai, if not mistaken last on january kot. oh oh and as usual we went here sbb nak jumpe kaklong. she so depressed sbb nak final exam nex week. she has to take a break from studying , i guess cs she told me that.

    ok sambung about lepak at the beach , i took lotsa pictures using mah phones but im so lazeh to transfer it on lappy and post it here. later if im rajin yeah. oh and another thing , eventho im on a vacation right now but still i have to study and do some revision. that is the rule since i brought ma lappy here.

    kk gtg. mah bro wants to balik bilik dah. night and tkcare !

    ♥ layla

    16 March 2011

    Negative x

    Hello fellas.

    Today is wednesday and im dying here staying at home. Dont know what to do. Act i could finish my hwk but the laziness is getting thicker inside meh. Still got few hwk that i didnt touch yet. Still have kerja kursus that i hadn't search for data. And dem ada like 8 ayat hafazan i have to hafal.

    I know i know i am lifeless. But luckily robi's here to be my accompany. She has been here like 2 days. We are just sitting in da room and online our sosial networking. We dont have any better things to do rather than online. Act we have other choices which is doing hwl and studying. But as i said earlier me too lazy to touch books. Har har.

    Ohhh it's wednesday and why i didnt go out? I just dont have the mood to enjoy the holiday. Baik duduk rumah fikir masa depan. Tapi hmm myb insyaallah im going out with ajim and robi tmrw. K if you ask me about how things going with pakwe the answer is negative. I just dont want to think abt tht. If he wants to call he would do so. Eh i need to go. Im hungry so does robi. We want to cook lunch. Bye xoxo!

    ♥ layla
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    14 March 2011

    hikayat merong mahawangsa ♥

    hi, kau rasa weekend kau best tak ? aku punye ? besttt ! k so im gonna write sunday as yesterday since now is 2 am something.

    eh where to start ? oh hmm, i went to tuition as usual then umie picked me up at 3 pm. sangat lambat kay ? then we were heading to KLCC. we means myself, umie , yaya and helmi. ayah act supposed to join us but ayah nak tidur so he didnt make it. plan to watch hikayat merong mahawangsa and alhamdulillah dapat jugak tgk. ini bukan lucky yee but i already booked the ticket before i went to tuition. kalau tak harapan ah en aku nak dapat tgk cerita tu.

    hikayat merong mahawangsa was super awesome. if you like guys yg tough muscular this movie is a must for ya. sangat power awesome amazing and this film ditayangkan di 73 countries. o em jay can you imagine that ? can you imagine betapa awesome nye this film ? haha (power i promote kan ? )but serious talk lah , this film is awesome for me. awak mesti tgk kerana hero bukan calang calang. stephen rahman-hughes yuu. tengok !

    p/s : oh about pakwe , ive called him but he rejected my call. why lah ? im giving him time so that dia takde rasa bengang dgn saya. err myb ? is it okay what im doing ? hmm night , tkcare !

    ♥ layla

    12 March 2011

    where did i do wrong ?

    currently listening to two is better than one. i am listening to my playlist while thinking what is wrong with pakwe. it has been 4 days or myb 5 he didnt call or what-so-ever. ya know sayang , im worried. i dont know if he just wanted to test me or what. or myb hes busy working ? but atleast he could send me a single message saying hes busy working. there is no way hes busy with work. i am so positive about that.

    i know you would read this anytime. i cant think straightly right now. i kept thinking what have i done ? where did i do wrong ? just please, i cant stand you're being this way. awak , please talk to me :( saya rindu awak sangat sangat.

    p/s: saya tunggu awak ajak saya keluar dating. awak cakap nak pergi tengok wayang same same.

    ♥ layla

    09 March 2011

    Baby pleasee :(

    Night peeps.
    My eyes hurt. I must admit that i cried just now. No not lying. Its bcs of hes so busy with his works. I felt a bit sad and bengang. It is not that i hate hes too busy focusing on work but rasa hmmm dont know wht words suits my situation. Just, i want you to know that i loveee you so much and i miss you terribly.
    ♥ layla
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    07 March 2011

    ze deiss

    today, 7 march 2011 : sheikh muszaphar went to sch. sangat kacak dan sangat pandai dan semua sangat yang hebat lah ♥ he smiled at me doh. *pengsan bangun balik x100*

    saturday, 5 march 2011 : celebrated my birthday at late night dekat mamak. dont know ape nama cake ni but its secret recipe's cake. i had fun. oh and bought owl necklace hehe.

    sunday, 6 march 2011 : was a great day though a bit kelam kabut that day. i was so sleepy that day. lepak dgn jejaka malaya dan wanita cantik saya. gambar semuanya banyak but malas nak post it on here. facebook lah.

    p/s : hii , i am so sorry. saya sangat malas dan mengantuk serta kedatangan PMS yang oh shitzz. oh btw sch was fun. tapi start esok sambung belajar mcm biasa. heh night tkcare. pakwe sakit , kesian dia :(

    ♥ layla

    04 March 2011

    birthday me

    night guys ♥
    today's date is 4th march aite ? its my birthday today hehe. harini ade sambutan maulidur rasul. so semua pakat pakai cantik cantik. i felt so special cs yelah ma birthday dpt pakai vogue vogue hehe. got perarakan and everything. snap lotsa pictures but i dont feel like posting it in here. go check my facebook k.

    even i didnt get any of birthday present , somehow rasa terharu still ade cs everyone likes 'ehh happy birthday' . they made me smile all day long today. i love everyone and thanks to those yang remember my birthday . sangat sweet semuanya. glad ayah didnt forget my birthday or act he did ? tapi try to cover? nvm. did i celebrate my birthday ? no not yet. going to klcc tmrw with kaklong, yaya and cousins after tuition, insyaallah.

    ehh ya know what ? saya dgn dia jumpe 3 hari berturut turut. tadi he came to ma sch sbb saya paksa. hehe soo cuteeeee. tapi tak celebrate birthday ponnnnn. nak surprise party pleaseeeeee. heh takpe nanti someday insyaallah.

    pakwe : hati saya hati awak juga kan ? ♥
    ♥ layla