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    28 December 2010

    ze study tings

    i wish the time will stop. i aint ready yet to back to school. it's like fucking nigthmare. i am sitting for pmr in 2011. the whole situations is shittz i guess. wake up in the morning, ready for school , study focus in ze class homework and yess it's like hell yeah screw me up. ma school stuff is ready. i already wrap ma books , washed ma sch uniform (not iron em yet) , buy notebooks but i still havent prepared mentally and fizically for this whole study things. i don't know if i can do this cs i aint that nerd kids who always with books all the time. i am the person who study at last minute time. i wish i was born as a nerd. cs it is hell lots easier that way. oh kay i need to find something to eat cs i'm hell hungry.
    you know what indonesians , stop with the hate malaysia things on trending topic. it's worldwide ya know. it shows that indonesians so uneducated and it's just a freaking football match for heaven sake. it's just beacause of football then tibe tibe you guys claimed that malaysia stole your culture and malaysians are annoying and wtv. there is nothing to do with culture lah. it's okay to fight for your country but don't hate others. asian is like family. ashamed on you indonesians. omg get over it indonn people. no offesense #imjustsayin

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    26 December 2010


    i need phone cs my phone rosak. i can't on and if it can nanti dia off balik so jyeah. yesterday pergi tgk phone at first i mean before ni nak c3 but dayumm mcm boring je. so entah lah either x5 or e5. they're rocks ya knowww. cantik pulakkk. and camera 5 megapixel rasanya. insyaallah next month atau around that time ongkay ? hehe

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    25 December 2010

    believe in my dreamz

    kau tahu kenapa aku tak kisah sgt psl boyfriend ? sbb aku tahu skrg ni baru sekolah takde hot mana pon dak2 sekolah ni. kau tunggulah masuk kolej/uni nanti . lagi hot shagoii :)

    it's midnight peeps. i am so bored and i want to sleep. my mouth say that and ma brain say this. i just want to have a perfect sleep time. i'm afraid that when sampai school time i couldn't wake up early sbb all this while saya tidur lewat and bangun kadang lewat kadang cepat. so i actually have no mood to write anything but it's popping in ma head so sudden. i want to tell ya bout ma plan for ma future. ya know siapa tarak tu mmg hmm hmm. okay here's ma plan.

    sit for pmr jadi budak nerd get straight A's . good result so ambik either account nor this ( tak decide yet) stil jadi nerd then spm yaw yaw nak tett entah . okay spm kan ? senior lah kan ? nak ade promm , eh gedik tak ? i know i dont care ape orang kata. i nak ade orang ajak pergi prom keee. lagi gedik. lepastu i nak jadi prom queen i nak dress up mcm hmm mcm orang paling cantik dkt universe. tambah gedik sikit. lepastu i nak naik stage orang hulur tangan i buat muka sombong tak pdg ckp terima kasih ponn tak time i amik ma crown. tambah banyak gedik. i nak menari dgn jejaka-idaman-satu-sekolah dkt bawah disco ball. eh jap ade ke disco ball dkt prom ? banyak sangat gedik. okay stop psl prom. then sambung belajar nak jadi nerd yang cantik sangat lelaki lelaki handsome tak handsome pon kejar i. awhh shoo omell ya know. lepastu dah graduate sampai degree. i taknak lah sampai ph.d tunggu lah i kaya jadi bini datuk ke tan sri ke anak jutawan ke baru sambung. okay lepastu i nak kerja setahun 2 mcm tu. lepastu 24 i nak kahwin hidup happily ever after. oh lupe pulak i dah ckp dkt umie yang i nak husband umie carikan. jangan lah goda-goda i. i takkan termakan punye sbb i dah ckp dkt umie i nak yang body ketul ketul , tinggi dari i walaupun i pakai high heels, kaya panadai ade agama. mmg i nak kahwin 24 25 siapa kesah ? biarlah aku punye suke aku punye future aku punye blog. kbai.

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    24 December 2010

    saiven dais

    just enjoy this remaining holidays kay ? don't stress out.

    i am counting the days. yeah using my 10 fingers. actually the exact number is seven. it's just 7 more days left till me ( or myb us pelajar sekolah ) back to school. the 2011 school session erk boleh imagine ? ya know wht in ma mind ? bile sebut 2011 i'll thinking abt PMR. okok jangan poyo dan bersemangat lah en . so sebelum 7 hari ni hilang i have got some things/plan to do. i have sch uniform to wash and iron, i have textbooks to wrap, i have to keep the house/room clean all the time ( bkn setakat this 7 days je o.0 ) and the plan is enjoy this 7 days. me and ma family going to a vacation. mmg betul betul end year vacation. we're going to terengganu and then turun ke jb. so i guess i'll stop here. i have to basuh pinggan and yeah btw i cooked nasi goreng this morning for breakfast but the look agak buruk but ma adiks says it's good. hell yeah agak bangga hehe byee.

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    23 December 2010

    my hope , my dream

    tahu tak rasa demam mcm mana? i'm having fever these past few days and it kills me. i wake up and feel so cold lepastu pening. but i am better now rasanya lah. but still having batuk-batuk. so that is why i didn't update ma blog shoo sorry kay. so today is nov 23 and result PMR pon keluar harini. congrats to those yang got straight A's kay . you guys inspired me . saya nak 8A jugak nantii. so i will work harder than before and focus dlm kelas and do everything to achieve my only azam for 2011. i don't want to hear umie's voice like 'oh yeke' . it's heartbreaking ya know. so just now bella just told me the great news. actually it isn't that great but i am just so bersyukur. the 36 of 2 arif students dpt masuk 3A next year. wohooooo. so skrg ni my happines is just gone away sbb pejam celik pejam celik 8 more days left till out 2011 school seision start. this is so making me like fuuuu kenapa feels like so short . so skerang azam saya nak 8a PMR dan complete kan solat 5 waktu lepastu baru tambah solat sunat yang lain. dan what-i-want-list ialah camera dan laptop. by awal tahun insyaallah i will have my own lappy . kthxbai

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    21 December 2010

    so sick

    assalamualaikum :) i'm feeling so sick. saya batuk tak berhenti and it's so cold here but the weather is hot windy something. ayah gone to somewhere beli our lunch myb. maksu and anak-anak had gone out pergi round kl i think so it's just me helmi and yaya. yaya is having fever as well and she's sleeping. oh and i was supposed to go to hospital this morning to attend an appointment psl my left ear but i didn't go. i woke up at 12 and rasa tak sedap bdn. so later ehh have a nice nice day.

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    think cook cook

    i love food and that's one of the reasons kenapa saya mahu belajar memasak. yee memasak anda tak salah baca ya hihi. i help umie prepare the ingredients everyday tumbuk bawang blablabla but when it times for umie to cook saya pon lari pergi tgk tv. saya dah belajar sikit-sikit memasak so setakat nak masak sayur sayur bolehlah yaw. oh yee maksud saya belajar memasak ialah memasak lauk pauk ye. umie has taught me how to cook nasi ayam and mcm mcm but bile nak buat balik saya pon dah terlupe hehe. okaylah senang cakap takyah nak tutup-tutup tipu-tipu lah kan, sebenarnye umie cakap perempuan tak reti masak tak boleh kahwin. aku nak kahwin :(

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    20 December 2010

    hii mister

    i'm so scared to let you know about my feeling. my heart is so fragile and it might be break into pieces again. i'm tired of all of this. just pray to allah that someday when it's the right time i'm gonna meet my MR. RIGHT, insyaallah. but i have someone that popping alot in my mind nowdays but ya know i'm too scared.

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    19 December 2010

    hii , hehe saya dah pulang rumah. rumah saya penuh dgn cousins awhh . rasanya aku perlu update at least one post a day kan ? sbb rasa suram sangat. kesian kite punye blog takde orang nak belai. okay okay janji lepas ni at least one post per day kay ? shoo shorry. oh yee duduk kampung nak kata happy sgt pun tak boring sgt pon tak. saya dpt habiskan baca novel 810 page in a day andd skrg ade 17 ++ kredit but have no one to text with :(

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    16 December 2010

    perrrrr-fect routine

    today is thursday and tonight i'm going back to ma hometown. can you imagine how excited i am ? after awhile not travelling . pheww but the problem now is i haven't pack my things. shitzzz i am so lazeh. i dont know what should i bring what clothes i wanna wear and so on. it's been awhile i didn't update my precious dear blog hihi. i got time but i dont know what to write when i logged in. yeah it's shitzz i know . i miss everyone in school. i miss the teachers esp my class teacher. ma gerlprenss and boyprens .

    andd hmm to be honest , this holiday makes me so lalai and i missed solat. i so dont like this. sometimes i wonder how can i be like this. everyday every morning i wake and make azam , aku nak try solat penuh today 5 waktu but i end up with sometimes just 3 atau 4 waktu je. i wanna make a change with ma solat time and i wanna make that as a routine. pray for me and allah bless me.

    p/s : i haven't perfom ma asar prayer and it's less than 3 hours for me to pack my things. so byee.

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    14 December 2010

    fast and quick one

    i've heard this song for many times. love !

    hii , its a quick update.
    1. i'm having problem with my left ear. dah bengkak and it freaking hurts me.
    2. went to one utama today celebrated isya's bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG ♥
    3. i've talked to him but i end up not replying his cs i dont know what to say.
    4. had bought all the school stuffs and yeah i'm pretty excited and looking forward for a good start.
    5. im gonna be so busy in these weeks cs i have to settle things up like everything.
    so i think these are the importants hihi. really need to go to bed. so goodnight and have fun during this saki-baki holidays. xoxo

    ♥ layla

    10 December 2010

    yell - owww

    it's just after zillion of update , it isn't him anymore. it isn't YELLOW anymore. yeay for me ! i am over him like for real. just realized that actually i can live without him not keeping his promise. it's okay for me.

    so today is just another boring day. i do the same thing everyday. i woke up late around 12 then find something to eat and watch the tv and online and eat again. jyeah i am going fat or should i say i am getting fat ? so daa. dont know what to say.

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    09 December 2010

    tagged - 25 FACTS !

    hey night . i am bored and i dont know what to do so i think i might do the tagged that qeel tag me. its about 25 facts bout me not chu. i am so malass tapi it seems fun hihi soo let's go. oyeah after finish your list, tagged this to other blogger in order to sare each other.

    # i am laila hamizah faiz. mostly people called me laila . but some of them called me with actually weird name , ella and ila ?

    # i am soo emotional cs im gonna cry when i watch sad movie. im gonna be hell excited and whtsoever if i watch movies.

    #one pillow is not enough for me when i want to sleep. i have 3 bears around me and 3 pillow. muahaha it's a must okay.

    # i have lotsa clothes which i've never wear any. kebanyakkannya are blouses.

    # saya mempunyai koleksi kasut yang boleh dikatakan banyak jugak dan most of them are flat. i JUST have a high heel which i so rarely wear.

    # i am currently in process to win someone's heart hihi

    # i have a lovely caring eldest sister , a lil freak poyo brotheh and sweet adorable baby sister. but ya know wht ? how i wish i could have a big brotheh.

    # i loveeeee to sleep and i don't hate to take medicine AT ALL.

    # i started to admire korea thingy since my girls told me about all the bands and demit i can't stop after that.

    # i prefer calling than texting. i dont know why.

    # i am officially PMR candidates. jyeah screw up !

    # i use compact powder then put on some eyeliner and lipbalm. is that considered as wearing make up?

    # saya tukar baju banyak kali bile nak pergi jalan evntho i have clothessss.

    # i cry when i'm angry. i talk alot . i eat alot. i hate anoyying ppl who are saying stupid things.

    # saya hasil campuran parents saya . i mean 50% ikut fizikal/attitude umie dan 50 % ayah.

    # i'm using nokia classic 3120. it's just enough for me.

    # it's like forever since the last time topup. i had no one to text/call with. hoho

    # i am a great great great stalker. i stalk him everyday. i read all things what he wrote and who he commented with.

    # i have problems with my ears and i hate my stomach.

    # i don't have that ideal-weight which mean my weight doesn't suit my height. is 50 kgs doesn't suits 163 cm ?

    # i love my umie and my ayah so much. they mean the world to me.

    # i think of this everyday > i wish i was born as a princess and have huge house , many cars and have lotsa money in ma pocket. that would be sooo cool !

    # i wake up every morning and eat things at the kicthen without brushing my teeth. facts !

    # seorang yang benci dengan orang yang lembab kerana saya jalan laju dan sangat suke mengarah orang terutama adik perempuan yang tidak bersalah.

    # pernah on the phone dengan seorang lelaki selama 10 jam tanpa berhenti iaitu pada 9 bulan yang lepas menggunakan telefon rumah *kantoi

    finaly i had finished this. so screw up people who about to be tagged. it took me hours to think of the facts but it's fun. it makes me realized for who i am. hoho soo *drumrool

    So here my tagged list for this loony facts, have fun and hope you enjoy listing yours :]
    *Ignore if you've done this tagged, thankyou*


    i am sleepy but yeah this thingy came out while i'm feeling damn sleepy. just remembered like 5 or 6 months ago i was so in love with this one guy. i mean mcm i've fallen for him so desperately but i didn't realized that. cs i was stupid pergi mcm terhegeh hegeh dkt another guy. well i can't recall kalau saya pernah cakap this thing dkt you tapi you are shoo charming. idk what to write or how to explain this things but hell yeah saya sangat sukeeeeee dkt awak . saya sangat lah mcm rasa bodoh gile dulu tu.

    teringat dulu selalu chat almost everynight sampai subuh lepastu kdg2 saya tertidur depan lappy awak mcm buat saya malu dan suruh mengaku. saya tak mengaku jugak. rindu nyeeee. ingat lagi last keluar dgn awak 10 july 10. cute je number tuu kan. awak gile hot saya pijak kaki mcm tak sakit. dah cerita panjang semua tu act saya nak cakap yang saya rinduu awak sangat . sumpah rindu gilee !

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    07 December 2010

    year 1432

    salam maal hijrah 1432. i'm hoping for another bless year. may this new year makes me into a better person and live your life to the fullest. allah bless all.

    ♥ layla

    05 December 2010

    when i miss you

    missing you is the worst. i dream of you almost every night. i hate that.

    sorry for lack of update. been busy with life. eceh hehe. no i wasn't studying but aku duduk dkt rumah ibu . lepak lepak tgk korean movie. nothing much. so till then. oh and i'm not feeling well. demam , selsema batuk dan kejang satu bdn. benciiii sakit.

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    01 December 2010


    random things that cross my mind a lot

    1. i dont understand why if someone has BF/GF dia akan cakap " i love you more than anything. you are my life " ? i feel like throwing out. pffft kenapa orang batak sangat ?
    2. kenapa mesti sentiasa kene up to date ? afraid of people says you are lame or noob ? please lah abang kakak. hihi
    3. kenapa berat aku maintain je? kenapa dia tak turun turun ? aku makan sikit jeeeeeee tapi aku tak exersice jugak .
    4. good isn't a feeling. it's a word to replace okay that produced by the brain. right ?
    5. why can i have someone that i love ? i mean 'someone' to be my BF ?

    p/s : i just made a tumblr acc and i enjoy tumblr'n. oh btw i have a new haircut and its paras shoulder. i love it.

    ♥ layla