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    31 May 2011

    after ages, finally !

    assalamualaikum and hi people ! miss me ?

    currently repeating no others - super junior.
    it has been really ages since the last time i posted right ? i am sorry for ignoring this precious 'thing' of mine. it is just im lack of time plus i had to study, weeks ago for the mid-term. alhamdulillah, my results sort of hmm we can called it as good :)

    well my last entry is about ideas. i really had none. at one time idea just falling out of nowhere but then when i started to sign in to blogspot my ideas are all gone. yeaaaa pathetic much kan. but now im just gonna share about my life. is it okay ? hehe takpe tak perlu minta permission still tulis jgk haaa :P

    so semalam, hmm i mean before 12 am today ialah pika's birthday and welcome to the club baby! she has been the other half of me and has been a great great girlfriend to me. im so glad i'd known her. may Allah shower you with his blessing insyaallah and may you get straight A's for PMR :)

    like everybody knows, the holiday is counting to be over. last few days i wasted my time at ibu's place since my parents and adiks went back hometown. i didn't follow them cs i was thinking to attend tuition which i did. i spent three days there also i was helping them with the doorgift thingy.along is to-be-a-married-man soon. i wish to be part of the wedding event later but i couldnt make it cs my family and i going to cherating untuk family. i am frustrated but luckily we are going to johor utk belah perempuan this thursday.

    hmm what do i do with my holiday ? study all the way and when i feel like going out, im gonna go. but it seems like the study planned didnt go well. i havent studied anything. sangat risau doh. mcm mana niiiiiii. tape tape tmrw saya akan study. doakan lah saya !

    one thing, this feeling is sort of happy feelings. i feel like i am among the happiest human on earth. my life is pretty awesome with everything. family, girls, guys, schoolmates and all have been amazing. they are treating me like i deserve to be loved evntho sometimes i screw things up. well you know me, im a hot-tempered girl and i think my face started to have wrinkles sbb selalu berkerut. wth -.- this is secret k, i miss having boyfriend hihi.

    okay skrg saya rasa nak stop sampai sini, can ah ? okay so tkcare lovelies. insyaallah gonna update often skrg ni. bai

    ♥ layla

    18 May 2011

    idea !!

    hii, Assalamualaikum :)
    currently listening - the love is with me now.

    i am doing nothing so does kaklong. we're just sitting at the living room while the tv is on. i am online. i rather online my sosial acc than studying or whatsoever. i have taken my lunch at sch before i went back.

    ahh i seriously have nothing to say. i posted this bcs i am too bored. no one to text with. ajim is sleeping myb. oh btw i already got mark for few papers. alhamdulillah the results are fine. 3A's and 2B's. puas dengan my mark cs i really think i did my best for the last exam.

    so saya rasa gonna stop here. im out of idea to wirte such things. insyaallah i will spend one night to really actually write properly about how things going on in my life. tkcare sayang-sayang.

    ♥ layla

    15 May 2011

    worth it

    assalamualaikum !

    lol that is me talking to someone. just got back from danau with my family. ayah suddenly ajak pergi lepak. terkejut jugak tadi. hmm i just bought casing for my phone. blue and marron colour. it was ocean of people there and that was my first time went there. kesian sikit haha.

    so i feel like sleep late tonight since tmrw no sch and exam is over. yeay now ! but this weekend rasa mcm taknak study. just for these 2 days taknak study. isnin buka sekolah im going to get back to my old routine which is study , study and study.

    haa how's exam ? biasalah adat kan ade susah ade senang. i studied hard for this exam tau. tidur malam pon lambat. but after all , it was worth it kalau my results are good. skrg ni pon ade 2A and 1B. i am so proud of myslef. rasa pandai. hehe

    saya rasa itu je kot for this week. later i post again. nanite and tkcare lovelies !

    ♥ layla

    06 May 2011


    hi, Assalamualaikum !

    its midnight and i am still studying. but hehe i rest a bit. just had taken my medicine. my right ear started to swollen again. ah i hate this sick things. dahlah esok i got school and damn esok juga start my exam week. i studied boleh dikatakan everyday and i pray to Allah supaya he calm me down time jawab exam and insyaallah dapat good result.

    alhamdulillah everything is great so far. my life is always been great. i seriously do not know how to describe my life through words but hmm i think great suits my life well. i have friends, i have my family and i have my sayang-sayang haha.

    last few days, i was thinking about applying to boarding sch. i kinda interested to go to boarding sch. i wanna gain experience, i wanna be awesome. eh tetibe kan. but it's true though. experience makes someone matured. besides gaining experience , saya nak compete dgn best student. nak jgk tahu pandaai saya ni banyak mana kan. baru challenging sikit. haaaaa dreaming.

    rasa sampai sini and please, dont miss me. if you still want to, there i put my picture. haha bai. tkcare ! last, please pray for my health and wish me luck, thnks.

    ♥ layla

    02 May 2011

    living life

    assalamualaikum. good morning !

    i woke up soo early today cs ajim called. he is going to come here and give me something. i already took shower and sort of kemas rumah juga. FYI, i am alone at home since yesterday. my family went back hometown to visit atuk. atuk sakit and he has been hospitalized sine last week i guess. pray he's going to be okay soon, insyaallah.

    feeling cold this morning. i bet this is a good time to jog but hmm i have no one to likely accompany me :( talk about jogging, it's been about two weeks i planned to jog but its like meant to be that, that plan is never going to happen. hmm or maybe is it just me who always gives reasons ? i am getting fatter ! i know, i hate myself too.

    hows my life has been ? alhamdulillah, everything is good. but ya know human moreover i am a student that live in a hectic life so must be having many problems but who cares. i dont. for now, saya fikir cuma study. i want to get straight A's like others. oh last week , my sch was having anugerah cemerlang. since i study in the first class so mesti lah ramai my friends gets to attend the event. im so jealous and berazam that i want to be invited to that event next year for 8A's student. berangan much right haha. but insyaallah !

    hmm what else to share? i have nothing already :( oh oh maybe i have. i officialy broke up with amin on 25 april. hahahaha kelakar kan hidup. Sometimes we're dying for someone who doesn't care, while somebody is already dead trying to please us! i borrow it from twitter. but yeah that is true. and now my ex boyfriend before, wants me back. betul betul bagi pressure lah haih. rasa serabut. k i think that is all.

    so hope you guys happy and please live life ! bye tkcare :)

    ♥ layla