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    24 September 2011

    Smile with me.

    I always don't know how to start writing. Always sits for hours in front of the laptop to find the right sentence to start writing. screw me. But today I don't care if i couldn't find the right words. I'm still gonna update about today. I mean friday obviously cs it has pass 12.

    Sch organised a feast so-called-jamuan-1Malaysia. I've got all excited the night before cs sch hasn't organised such this feast for a quite long time lah juga. Thought of bringing camera to sch which I didn't thus i had to capture the moment using my friendS's camera.

    I don't care about the food actually, really. I was more excited about the friends with their baju raya and all. I just ate one plate of mix-food-with-chicken-rice-and-that-idk-food.

    I was so happy. The girls are crazy. Their craziness could make me die with a heart attack. They laughed hard. Also, the guys were damn gay. I mean not really but they act like they are. The weather was ugh sunny. Panas sangat. Me didn't go around with the girls like I usually did due to the hot hot heat weather. I stayed under the fan like I'm all alone eh not alone actually. LOL me. The guys came and like blablabla and took pictures together.

    I couldn't ask for more. I'm so bless with the friends around me. This is surely gonna be remembered forever and also a gift for my awesome life. I hope this could remain forever. Friends forever. The guys also were very understanding and supportive. yeah they still are the same.

    *I don't know which pictures to post so I decided not to post anything :3

    she always there and I hope always will.

    love, Laila.

    14 September 2011

    the starts of everything

    Sup people ? I'm dying here. PMR is so near that I barely breathe. It's 20 days left to that BIG day. The day where I, myself will sit for the exams. It feels like yesterday when i started studying form3 syllabus. The time flies so fast that I can't even enjoy it for a sec.

    Well, not really. I also had good times with my friends despite all the studies and stuff. I just couldn't believe that I'm going to sit for my PMR paper in 20 days. This is so fast. As in fast that i remember i didn't get the chance to enjoy reading novels like I did last year. I remember how I used to be so playful and didn't really care about school and studies that much.

    And now everything changes. In less than 4 months there is no more 2011. The year where I started to learn the needs and the wants. The year where I had to struggle to be in top10 in class. The year where I had the most time, full with books and school. The year where I learnt to keep myself close to The Almighty. Within 12 months, I learnt so much of new things.

    I'm blessed. I couldn't ask for more. I just hope that all my hard works are worth the time and the energy cs I have put lots of effort to success in PMR. I don't want to let my parents down. I've had enough 3 years ago...

    Everything starts and ends with school.

    love, laila.

    07 September 2011

    Let's us...

    So, today is officially my first month with Pakwe. lulz pakwe jew no no nehi nehi bukan haha. I actually not into this kind of thing but this time is acceptable alright ? yeah ok. let's us start the sweet moment. *music on runaway by bruno mars*

    Sayang, I love you. So much. no jugding. Everyone loves their parents so do i. That's different k. I love it when you say you love me at random moment. Like we were texting then all of sudden... you wrote " baby, I loveeee you soo much! " this made me smile big :')

    Sayang, I just hope we could last forever. When i mean we, it means us, this relationship. I know this may sound pathetic cs imma 15 y/o girl but well everyone has hopes. I wish for this and I pray for it everytime i finish solat. no jokes no lies.

    Sayang, let's us get good grades and go to Universities and get the dream job and let's make lots of money and then let's get married then grow old together. let's sayang ? ok, I love youu so much :-*

    Happy one month sayang.

    love, laila.

    04 September 2011

    Eid mubarak.

    Assalamualaikum semua. It isnt too late to wish slmt hari raya aite ? So... Happy Eid Mubarak. Btw, sorry for the lack of updates. It's not that i busy or what, i am just so fuqin useless and lazy one to update this thing moreover i aint really used my laptop. Pardon me.

    So how was the raya celebration for y'all ? Mine ? Da bomb like usual. I wore orange cotton baju kurung. I felt awesome hokeh. Rasa vogue gilewww. Lulz please vomit all the rendang and lemang hahaha. Neuww i kid. Tiada warna sedondon tahun ini ye. We wore the colour yg nak match2 jew. Last-minute shopping has always been liddis.

    This year saya beraya di Perak on my mom's side. Went there on Aug 28th with ibu's family which is umie's lil sis. Beraya di sini dapat banyak duit raya. Cannot tell how much lew kan hehe. On the first day i followed my parents to the relatives houses. Ramai hokeh , kire konvoi lah kot. Oh and i went to Kedah on the sec day of raya. Tahu.. mmg sekejap gile dkt Perak... Third day me and ze family went to Kangar dan sukutu dengannya. Convoi 7 cars with 7 family in it. Great day, semua siblings ayah ade. But..the sad part was when we didnt get duit raya eventho we went to like 4 or 5 houses T_T

    Honestly, i like being with the cousins on umie's side more than on ayah's side because....cousins on ayah's side most of 'em are boysss. Y'know how boyss aite ? ganasss dan brutal nak mamps. Tapi i cannot deny one thing, the fact. Ayah's twin brother has a 15 y/o son. Handsome sangat wey !!!! lulz seriously i like my own cousin !! ok dah. Pakwe baca jealous dia~

    I guess i'm gonna stop here. This post, most of it is useless and nonsense. After all, i really had a good raya celebration with the family, food and everything. Alhamdulillah.

    love, laila