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    31 December 2011

    it starts all over again

    It's basically 11.18 pm in 31st Dec 2011. yes true! Today is the last day of 2011. I am so gonna miss everything that happen in 2011. This year has brought a lot of good memories to me. Not only that, i've also have gone through bad moments this year. It's no longer bad things to me, in fact all that have became my lesson. I've learned my lesson.

    Withing an hour we all are going to live in a new year, 2012. I really hope this new year gonna be much more better than 2011. I mean no, year is still year. I mean me, i pray for the best. To be a better person for everybody. It aint that hard but it takes alot of courage to do that. I realize that. So, i have listed out my new year resolution and i really hope that i could do wtv i wish for, be the person i wanna be and whatsoever but... i dont think its really necessary to publish it in here soo yeahh.

    Ohh and another thing, i'm going to asrama on Jan 9th. I've decided to leave everything behind and study there. Leave my family, my friends, my schmates and also my most favourite person, my boyfriend. Sob sob i know, i'm sad too but it's just for 2 years then everything gonna be back to normal, Insyaallah. I'm going to Teknik but i'm still waiting for letter from Mara cs i really wanna go to mrsm that bad. It's really sad to know that i only have 4/3 days before going to new school. I am so going to miss my classmates and the girls.

    So that is all i guess. And also happy 2012 guys! be good and be safe. Starts your new year with bismillahirahmanirahim. Takecare xx

    love, laila.

    23 December 2011

    The results

    I always have trouble with what to write to start an update. is it with hello ? or with an apology ? or maybe with telling you how wonderful my life has been ? yes, i know. i sucks but who the heck cares anyway ? Well, hello to the hommies and strangers. I apoligize for being such a lazy ass. hehehe :3

    I've been busy. Busy with my life. I've turned into a housewife this holiday or should i called myself a "bibik" ? cs i really am busy sweeping the floor, cleaning the mess in the house, washing the dishes and other stuff. Other than that, this holiday treats me well. Except for the fact that i've been so anxious and nervous waiting for the results to come out. It has been a month that fulls with curiousity and such. I prayed for the goods. I want to be proud and i want to make my parents proud.

    And alhamdulillah, He listens to me. I know i've done my best. My very best. I think, i've put more effort than everyone else did. Ayah and umie also have tried given their best for my success. Alhamdulillah, i got straight A's but sadly i didnt manage to get up to the stage cs i reached sch a bit late. All thanks to maksu cs she's the one who accompanied me there. I was fuqin nervous and i hit the door.

    I thanked Allah for everything He has given me. Alhamdulillah. Also thanks to the teacher, the friends, the classmates, the seniors and semua semua. I'm so blessed :) so i shall off now. Looking forward to a good start for a new year. Takecare everyone xx

    love, laila.