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    30 September 2010

    YA ALLAH , please make this easy for me ?

    hi :)

    had a great day . but got tired when sir brought us to the 'taman kemahiran hidup' after recces. it was so much fun. we talked , laughed and screamed. i get injured , tercucuk duri cactus. it was effing hurt. pika and me found two cute ladybug and we played with 'em.

    today's topic are all about guys. we stalked guys , we did everything that related to guys lah hee. and i decided something at sch today. oh yeh ive made my decision , no more boys please ? this is real lahh. im not lying.

    i feel like a stupidoo if i keep waiting for a guy who never care bout me. its hurt to say this but i feel sorry for myself. so I have to move forward with forget about guys for this moment , myb ? My purpose in moving forward is i tired with all this. I was tired with the heart and the brain itself. it was very painful.


    ♥ layla

    27 September 2010

    saya harap sangat

    heyyyyy :D

    ive found someone better, myb. insya ALLAH. doa doa kans aya dapat lupekan yellow. thanks allah ♥

    ♥ layla

    22 September 2010

    what am I supposed to do anymore?

    i feel like doing this all day. can I ?

    hey -.-

    i've sent him something because i miss him. i know that he wouldn't read that but still , i already sent it. I know i'm so stupid but what else can I do ? than telling him that i miss him ? i just want him to know that I always want him and and will always be him.

    moving on ? i guess i'm still not moving on.

    ♥ layla

    20 September 2010

    two damn things

    hii ,
    i just cant write anything right now.

    just two things :
    first , i miss yellow dang so badly
    and sec i just need someone like yellow. like him. and i found one but act they aren't the same AT all.

    *pray for me
    ♥ layla

    19 September 2010


    hii :|

    habisssss dah berlobangggggg. benci benciiiiiiiiiiiii !!

    ♥ layla

    18 September 2010

    insyaallah i can face this :)

    selamat tengah malam (:

    *i was thinking bout you . always and will always be

    saya tibe tibe rasa rindu dkt awak. saya tahu awak dah benci saya , sangat kan ? saya tak kisah kalau awak benci tapi jgnlah marah saya kalau saya masih nak dekat awak.

    kalaulah saya boleh putar balik masa, saya akan selalu ckp saya suke awak. tapi saya tahu , itu angan2 otak saya je.

    saya selalu tanya kawan saya , awak pernah terfikirkan saya tak. kawan saya selalu ckp entah. sebab dorg lagi tak tahu dan dorg tak pernah suke awak. saya maksudkan bukan semua , tapi majoriti ckp awak ni ego. alah biasalah lelaki kan. mesti ade ego tapi saya pon rasa ego awak lebih lebih.

    skrg saya stick dgn statement umie. its all fate. kite tunggu, tunggu jugak tapi kalau at the end kite tgk dia dgn someone else kite kene terima lah dan reda sbb dah bukan jodoh kite. dlm pada kite tungu tu cari jugak org lain . kite kene fhm maksud reda tu sendiri.

    saya ckp dkt kwn2 saya , saya dah move on tapi sebenarnye saya belum pon. saye tak pernah lupe dkt awk. syaa tak tipu. kalau saya rindu awk saya bukak profile kakak awk. mesti pelik kan , rindu dia tapi bukak profile kakak dia. haha awk delete saya dari fb . so saya bukak fb kakak awk sbb nak tgk gambar awk.

    tapi saya rasa dah sampai masa saya move on KOT ? saya ade kenal dgn someone. hes quiet boring and kinda slow tapi dia mcm sgt sgt struggle nak buat saya cair. tak rasa mcm auwww shoo shuwit kee ? hehe yeah i knowwww.

    ill tell you wht will he do for the next step okay ?

    ♥ layla

    12 September 2010

    raya 2010

    hii ,

    salam aidil fitri again . now im currently at kedah. my hometown on ayah's side. first day of raya quite okay. i mean just fine. its not tht awesome like wht i was thinking but i like the part where i got the duit raya. hehe. i slept all day long on the first raya. yeah i know , its awesome -___-

    ♥ layla

    09 September 2010

    happy eid mubarak

    hii ,

    im wishing you guys happy eid mubarak. if i have done anything which might hurt you guys i apologise from deep of my heart. have a blast and have nice celebration for raya. for those drivers , drive safely and have a safe journey to your hometown.

    to friends, facebook user, friends formspring, tweet and awesome followers im sorry if i have done something wrong , terkasar bahasa , terpukul , over gurau , kutuk2 you guys dlm ni ke , and etc. may allah bless you guys ♥

    and to my yellow , i know you arent reading this but still i wanna wish you happy eid and sorry for everything ive done. i might not the perfect one for ya. have a wonderful raya celebration with your beloved family. tkcare and love ya.

    *i googled the picture. no time nak make one.

    ♥ layla

    just watch out dude :P

    hii ,

    if people ask me what I wish for right now , i would tell them that i wish you stay here beside me :) i wish i wishhh for tht.

    i remember , last year we celebrate raya together nah i mean you and me still baik to each other. on the malam raya , you call me. awhh i wish tht would happen again :( im hoping for tht like seriously dude, you are my obsession !

    im looking forward to get you back ^.^ watch out

    ♥ layla

    08 September 2010

    turns to happy lifestyle

    diary :)

    heyy night ehem i mean morning since its already 12 53 am. but still dark lah en. its midnight.
    wtf ape aku merepek ? hehe

    my life is boring. i do the same thing everyday. i mean the same routine. which is kemas rumah , sekolah and balik and onl and sleep.

    im in interested in someone who does not love me , back. nahhhhh but i dont give a shit to him. hehehe i know righttt. and now im turn into a stalker. a great stalker in history . ame said tht heh.

    okay the conclusion is i have a boring lifestyle but im interested in someone who doesnt love me back and tht makes my life lagi boring. but i stalk him everyday and tht makes much happierr :)) ACCEPTABLE ? ahh i dont care wht you wann think peeps :P

    ♥ layla

    07 September 2010

    wht we called teenagers feeling ?

    diary :(

    feel alone and lonely evnthough ade semua org around me. i just feel tht way . its been awhile. dah 2 3 days mcm ni. im not moving on , at all. dulu dah started to forget him but he show up and damn all my hardwork hancus.

    i knoww i amm soo soo stupid. foshoo org ckp mcm tu cs hes like talked shit about me and dumped me and ignored me but i still want him. wht a stupid thing ive done ?

    but just now he said something to me. he said " get out of my life. kau buat aku kusut dgn semua status kau. get a life " ouch i know, thts harsh. why am i so stupid ? can i say its bcs of the love ? i didnt mean 'cinta' . its more too SAYANG ?

    i cant answer your questions dumbass. kenapa aku sayang sgt dkt mamat tu ? kalau aku tahu dah lama aku ckp kenapa. and i cant stop thinking bout him , ehhhh if i can i would do so.

    its just i wanna tell him something. if you read this , i hope you didnt mean wht you had said. and one thing I LOVE YOU.

    this song

    *this post full dgn ayat luahan hati. im sorry peeps. hah atleast im relieved.

    this song ^ ade dkt his tumblr. keep listening to this song.

    ♥ layla

    05 September 2010

    broken heart

    diary ,

    im broken heart. all this while i can stand him but its not worth it anymore. he has a hot girlfriend. i thought he still into me. but its not true. AT ALL. so ive made my mind. aku akn senyap je psl dia. no more him , i wish.

    ♥ layla